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There isn't much to say, but I'm doing this because I have nothing else to do. Well, actually, I do, but that's summer reading and summer math.
I'm writing this journal to profess my love for my characters of Insanity is a Fox. You can read a snippet of it in my gallery. Yes, it did start out as an RP, but I felt as if it was too original to not write in book-form.

Onto the subject of Kitsune. No, they're not furries, and I hate the way most people think of them. They don't actually know what Kitsune are. They are NOT fox-girls in skimpy outfits. They are Japanese mythological creatures that tend to torment humans. At least, those are the Nogitsune ("evil" Kitsune). Yes, I have made my own little twist with the story of them, like having three brothers create the Nogitsune.

The main characters (order in which introduced):

Illusia Lunaria: Yes, she's been called a damsel in distress (by her husband), yes, she makes wrong decisions (being the wife/mate of her husband), but I like flawing my characters. Before the start of the story she was known as being anti-social. She didn't have that many friends, mainly because she always ignored them or scared them off. She enjoyed writing, drawing, music, and the quiet. When the story starts, she's out of college (she spent so much time to herself that she skipped a few grades) and she decides to become a therapist... for a day. Then she meets Raven, becomes attracted to Aleon, and her life was never the same after that one day.

Raven Fay: Frankly, she scares me in the first chapter, but let's not talk about that now. Raven came from a wealthy family, had a fraternal twin sister, and had quite a few friends. And then Aleon decided to show up. He drove her insane. Her parents disowned her, and she had to live on the streets for a few months. Then she got a job, and could pay for a shabby little apartment. Aleon still tormented her... And he would never tell her what he was. Well, then she decided to go to a therapist. And that's when she met Illusia.

Aleon: Illusia calls him an "evil git". Great observation she has. Being a Nogitsune, he's the cause of many wars, should be locked away for several crimes, and takes pleasure in tormenting others. He calls himself a puppeteer, a master, a god. He also loves to use women, then kill them most of the time. But after mating with Illusia, he couldn't do that anymore. Now the both of them can only have a certain amount of physical contact with others. But them being mating does cause other problems... Problems for Illusia, not for Aleon.

Cole/Isamu: Practically the opposite of Aleon. He loves birds, nature, people, everything Aleon doesn't! Oh wait, Aleon thinks love is useless. Anyway, Aleon and Cole have been enemies for quite a long while. Kinda make you wonder how old are they, don't ya? Also, contrast to Aleon's black hair, Cole's hair is pure white. I guess his hair shows his age! Anyway, before this whole fiasco, he attended college with Illusia. She didn't immediately warm up to him, but laughed at how he tried to joke with her. He was a comedian, not well-known, but still a comedian. A small crush did form for her, but he got over that as soon as he met Raven.

Vance: He doesn't show up until a little later in the story. At first sight, he does seem like a bad guy, with shooting Illusia, Raven, and Cole with sleeping darts. He is shown to be the right hand man of Aleon. He even had the privilege of taking care of Aleon's palace while he was gone for a few years. But he's really a good guy once you get to know him.

Hope you weren't bored out of your mind while reading that.
I hope to know what you thought of it, though!


United States
Hello, world and all who inhabit it! The name is Tovian! Actually, my real name is something else. Tovian is just two names smashed together brutally. Well, I'm a writer who's into photography. I love fantasy and bad boys. When I say bad boys, I mean evil murderers. Fiction only, of course. If I met one in real life I'd probably scream and run in the other direction. Probably. I'm a bit shy when we first meet, but then I'll open up when I get to know you better! I go under several names on different websites:
Twitter: MagikJoker
FanFiction: TomRiddleCrazy
FictionPress: TomRiddleCrazy
YouTube: TomRiddleCrazy
Gaia: kisaki doku
That's all I have to say for now! Have a nice day!

Current Residence: Here or there..
Favourite genre of music: Every genre except rap :3
MP3 player of choice: Meh iPod!
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: "If life were easy, where would all the adventures be?"

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